Mushroom Growing



Pieczarki Mazurskie is a family company which was established in 1988. It is located in northeastern Poland, in the region of Masuria. It is a land with huge amount of lakes and forests, which account for about 30% of the area. Due to the high afforestation rate and low indicator of urbanization and industrialization air in Masuria is very clean.


Currently company consists of several mushroom farms. Our whole mushroom growing surface is 19 000 m2 . All buildings are equipped with modern air-conditioning devices, which enable us to control growing parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air movement and carbon dioxide. Due to this we can provide appropriate conditions for mushrooms growing, so that they are of the highest quality.



In our mushroom cultivation we use Dutch technology. Our technologists supervise production process and constantly improve it, basing on their past experiences, observations and researches. Thanks to our own compost production facility we are able to make some changes at every stage of compost production, which of course influences mushroom cultivation process.


All mushrooms are picked manually, so we can provide high quality mushrooms  in many different sizes. Immediately after harvesting mushrooms are cooled. Low temperature of storage ensures long freshness of the product.


Compost Production



In our mushroom farms we use substrate made in our own compost production facility. Thanks to checked raw materials, many years’ experience and our own laboratory we are able to produce compost of the highest quality. In all our facilities we have modern technical equipment.



We constantly improve compost production process, by analyzing laboratory results and observing all the stages of mushroom growing. We produce substrate only for our own mushroom farms, that is why we do our best to produce compost of the highest quality, as it results in crop and quality of mushrooms.


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